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Hotmail (Outlook) Email & Sign in : Now create a new Hotmail account at or site. It’s very simple to register Hotmail or Microsoft account from this link. : Hotmail Login Features

To create a Hotmail or Outlook account you have to create a Microsoft account. To do this, go to and create a new account. Do you need simple steps to Hotmail sign in account? Well, you have landed at the right destination. The hotmail is one of the popular email portals in the world. It offers the free web-based email service to the people across the globe. It is the webmail service that you can access it from anywhere in the world. You can access the Hotmail from any browser with the help of the internet connection.

Today most of the people are using the Hotmail due to its exclusive features. It provides the username and password to use the account of Hotmail. The URL of redirects the users to the Hotmail login page for the entire Microsoft accounts such as, store, Skype, OneDrive and much more.

Are you looking to create the Hotmail account? Do you need simple steps to log in the Hotmail account? Well, you have landed at the right destination. Here you can get the step by step instructions to log in the Hotmail account. If you need to sign in to the Hotmail account you should have the username and password. Sign Up & Sign in Guide

How to create a Hotmail or Outlook account

The Hotmail is free online email service that was launched in 1996. It was founded by the Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. In the year 1997, the Microsoft bought the Hotmail for 400 million dollars. Hotmail has more than 100 million users in 2001. It has one of the famous webmail services in the world. Microsoft has renamed the Hotmail service as in August 2012.

When the Hotmail was launched, the account comes with best features such as improve virus and malware scanning, spam filter, storage space up to 250 MB and others. It allows you to send and read e-mail at whenever you need and wherever with the internet connection. When the Microsoft obtained the webmail service it provides the extra features to the users such as save contact list, schedule calendar, and others.

Today, it has more than 300 million users across the globe. The Hotmail comes with a lot of the new features and email accounts offer 1 GB of the storage space. The Outlook service offers the large storage space for free, mobile access, spam filtering, and others. It also provides connections to the Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Skype, Twitter, and others. You can also use it to send and receive the email easily.

Reason why should you use

The Hotmail is the second famous webmail service in the world, after the Yahoo. The Hotmail is popular when compared to the Gmail. The Hotmail is available in two versions such as paid and free. You can choose the version as per your needs. It has more than 35 languages so you can select the mail as per your choice. The Hotmail was replaced with the that features the Microsoft design language.

There is a lot of the reason for using the Hotmail than Gmail such as personal folders, connect with the social media networks, avail Microsoft office support, less advertisement, connect to the Facebook chat, and others. It has various inbuilt features that provide the comfortable when sending or receiving the mail. The document is downloaded, edited and send on the cloud that can be sent through the Hotmail.

Features of hotmail offers the huge range of the features to the users such as ample storage space, POP access, attachment size, client access, forwarding, themes and much more. The Hotmail offers both paid and free email account to the users. Now it enhances the storage space that allows you to store the important data, files, photos, and others in the email.

  • Storage Space

It improves the storage space like the Yahoo. It has the wide range of the inbox space. The Hotmail storage space is increasing day by day.

  • POP Access

It offers the free POP access to the users. In the previous day, the users could download the emails only via Microsoft programs such as Outlook, Live Mail or others. But today, the message can be downloaded on the laptop and desktop using any client.

  • File Attachment Size

You can attach the file up to 25MB like the Gmail. With the new features, you can easily send the file to anyone without any hassle.

  • Virus scanning

Most of the email services, additional attachments, and incoming email are checked for the viruses and malware through the Hotmail Trend Micro scanning process that helps you remove the virus from the email.

  • Languages

The Hotmail has more than 30 languages that allow you to send and receive the email easily. you can choose the language as per your needs.

  • Spell Checker

The Hotmail offers the inbuilt spell checker features that help you avoid the spelling mistake when composing the mail.

  • Advertisements

The free Hotmail accounts are advertisement supported. The large banner advertisement is displayed on the right side of the email. When you are writing the mail the advertisement is removed.

  • Themes

The users can change the colors, icon, images and other in the Hotmail account. The user interface can be changed as per their mood.

  • Folders

The users can create the folder in the Hotmail account like the Gmail. You can also create the sub-folders in the account to manage the messages.

  • Email composition

By using the basic formatting and rich text you can compose the email. Just like the Gmail, the users can also change the color, size, font of the text when compositing the mail.

Features of Hotmail Plus

All the paid accounts of Hotmail offer additional benefits that are not available in the Hotmail free version. It offers the unlimited storage space from the email services of Hotmail plus. This account is advertisements free. You can browse the email without any disturbance. you can attach the files up to 50 MB.

Hotmail sign up

The Hotmail is similar to the Gmail. If you want to send the mail you should the sign up in the Hotmail account. You should follow the steps to sign up Hotmail. It is simple for creating the new account in the It allows the users to receive and send the emails easily to your friends, co-worker, colleagues, and others. Within the few steps, you can log in the Hotmail account.

In the modern world, you can also access a Hotmail account on the smartphone or laptop. You can send or receive email through the internet connection. Now the Microsoft offers the different types of the email service to the users such as and You can use any email service based on your choice to get the window live account.

Simple steps to sign up Hotmail

If you are trying to operate the email account in the Hotmail then you should follow the below given instructions. It is the largest email service in the world.

  • First, you should open the browser on the device that can be Firefox, Chrome or others.
  • Then enter the or, in the web browser. It takes a few minutes to open the website.How to Create a Hotmail Account
  • Now Hotmail homepage will have appeared. You can enter the username and check if the username is available or not. On the right side, you can select the
  • Enter the username and click on the next button
  • Then you can create the password. Make sure the password has at least eight characters including letter, special characters, and numbers.Hotmail sign up and login
  • Click on the next button. It will take you to next page and in the page, you want to enter the first name and last name. Then click the next button.Hotmail Signup
  • Now you should fill the required details in the Hotmail such as the date of birth, country, and others.
  • After entering the required details, you should click on the ‘Next’ button
  • Now you should fill the required details in the Hotmail such as the date of birth, country, and others.
  • After entering the required details, you should click on the ‘Next’ buttonHotmail Sign Up
  • Now the user will be transferred to the page of recaptcha for the confirmation. You need to type the text to prove in the recaptcha.

hotmail account profile page

Finally, you will be redirected to the Hotmail account home page. In the home page, the users can find the wide range of the options such as manage the device, payment, billing and much more. Depends on your needs you can use the options in the Hotmail.

Hotmail offer different options

If the user logs in the for the first time then it provides the various options. With the help of the nickname option, the users can also create the nickname for the Hotmail account when they asked to confirm the email account. The users can confirm through the text or email.

If the users have selected the email then you need to enter the email ID and click on the submit button. The Microsoft will send the email and you need to type the code in the website.

If anyone selected the SMS then you can enter the mobile number and click on the send code option. The sends the code to the mobile phone. You want to enter the code on the website. If you do not need to create the nickname then you can skip the nickname option.

Hotmail Login

Login to Hotmail, Outlook using a Windows or Mac web browser

These days, you can log in the Hotmail from the mobile browser or web browser. You can use the Mac device, window and others to log in the Hotmail account. Here you can get simple methods to log in the Hotmail.

Step #1. First you should visit the Mac, Windows or any other web browsers. You can also open the official Hotmail login page. URL, : or or

Step #2. Enter the email id and password

Step #3. Then click on the ‘Next’ button

Now you have signed into the Hotmail account successfully.

How to Set Up Hotmail Email Login on an Android Device

1 : Open the Email app. Open the launcher and click the icon in the menu that says “Email.” This will be factory-installed on your Android mobile.

2 : Select your email provider (e.g. Hotmail, Gmail, etc.).

3 : Enter the required details. When you have chosen your email provider, you will be prompted to enter your email address and your account details.

4 : Assign a name for your account. After this, you need to get your email account assigned to a name. More than one email accounts can be set up in Android Email; therefore, you can assign any name to your account for your own convenience.

5 : Use your email. It’s done! You can now send and get messages from your Android mobile phone.

How to log out Hotmail account

The email logout is important from the web browser. When you are using the Hotmail account from the web browser then you can log out from the browser by using the sign-out or log our option. You go to the upper right corner and click on the email account. Now you can select the sign out option in the drop-down menu. It will sign out from the account. If you are using the email account in the internet center then you should log out before shut downing the system. It keeps your emails safe from the theft and others.

Syncing the data

If anyone needs to sync the previous data in the email including personal files, contacts, calendar and others on the smartphone then you should sync it. The users want to allow the Hotmail app to sync the entire data. The app asks the permission for the sync process. You should click on the allow button to start the sync process that the data will be available on the smartphone or desktop. You can use the Hotmail on the smartphone without any hassle.

Step to view your inbox by skipping Hotmail today page

The Hotmail comes with the advanced features that the users can go to the inbox directly by skipping the Hotmail today page. Microsoft offers the new features to the Hotmail that attracts the people to use the Hotmail. Here you can get steps to configure the Hotmail page to skip the today page of Hotmail.

  • The Hotmail does not take the users to the inbox directly. When the users sign in to the Hotmail account than showing the inbox page, the user will be shown with Hotmail Today page.
  • In the page of hotmail, today offer the news related, events, contact suggestions, and others to the users. But some users feel bad about seeing the unwanted things when they log in to the account. They need to go to the inbox straightly and check the mail.
  • The Hotmail is loaded with the option that the users can eliminate this Hotmail today page. They view the inbox page directly.
  • The users want to configure the blocking of Hotmail Today page in the Hotmail. Now you can go to the inbox directly to the Hotmail.

Problems in Hotmail login

Remembering the passwords is difficult because of today everyone signup the multiple accounts on the different platforms. Some users are forgetting their password due to this reason the Microsoft offers the change password option. If you forget the Hotmail account username or password then it prohibits you from signing into the account. Within the simple process, you can recover the Hotmail account.

The Hotmail allows the users to recover the Hotmail account in the different ways. You can choose the methods as per your needs. The user can set the password for the Hotmail account by using the address or mobile number, or by offering the personal data which they have provided when registered the Hotmail account. By entering the URL you can complete all these things depends on the user’s priorities. Now the Hotmail login issues are solved. You can enjoy using the Hotmail account.

Steps to Change hotmail account password

If you forget the password then you can change the account password easily. With the help of the password recovery option, the users can change the password. The passwords can be changed through the mobile phone or email address as you given at the time of registration. Here you can get step by step to change Hotmail account password.

  • You should go to the option of Security and Privacy
  • Then Account details settings such as Password, time zone, address, and others. you should modify these details in the setting. It would secure the important documents and hotmail account.
  • For the password recovery, you should click the password recovery option
  • Enter the new password
  • Then confirm the password
  • For the account security, you should go to settings and click the Security settings option
  • Then click on the Security and Privacy option and select the More Security Settings. It provides high security to your Hotmail account.

It is simple to create the account with the Hotmail and also use it. You can create the account by entering the correct details such as name, mobile number, date of birth and others. The individual should check out the details online and then create the Hotmail account which is valid. You can use the on the Smartphone browser by entering the username and password. The users should log out from the web browser if you need to secure the personal information.

Here you can get the more details about the Hotmail such as history, feature, how to use the Hotmail account, steps to create the account, syncing the account data, password recovery, and others. If you find any problems in the Hotmail then the experts will help you to fix the issues in the account.


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